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The Ultimate Piano Removalists

If you are looking for local, interstate or international piano removalists, we are here for you. Metro Transport is the ideal company to hire for your piano relocation service, and we guarantee you a no-stress experience when working with us. We take joy in moving your piano despite its high value and the little room for error when moving it. Such projects we believe, give us a stage to show how clients just how much we are capable of regarding service delivery and all on a low budget.

Safe Experience

Hire us to move a piano in a safe and smooth way. Our services are effective, and we rely on our heavily skilled and creative piano moving specialists in delivering your piano to your preferred destination. We have the right tools to load and unload it with numerous options of vehicles for transporting it both in short and long distances.

Take advantage of our unique warranty which is uncommon with most piano movers. This ensures that your piano is insured against any damage or loss so you can lie back stress-free with no worries. Our prices are reasonable, and you do not have to dent your wallet while getting your piano to your new home or office.

Efficient and Dependable

For a safe, stress-free piano moving experience, hire the industry leaders and you will not regret it. We have the expertise at Metro Transport to offer you an unforgettable experience, and we will relocate your piano safely without a single problem whatsoever.

Contact us today for a free quote on your piano move. Our large fleet of moving vehicles and rich network around Australia ensures that we can deliver services to you as soon as you require them at no extra costs. We are not choosy regarding projects and will happily work on your small relocation task just as we would with a much bigger one.

Our clients come first for us and define the services we offer. Give us a call today and try us and we will be happy to serve and add you to our ever expanding list of satisfied clients.