Creating and Adhering To a Moving House Checklist

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Use a Moving House Checklist

Moving can look simple on paper but turn out to be a very stressful experience in its real sense, and that’s why a moving house checklist is very helpful in ensuring a smooth and efficient moving process.  This is a timeline-based moving house checklist we encourage you to try out to leave no room for chance or surprises when the D-Day arrives.

One To Two Months Before

You may decide on moving as early as a year ahead of your planned moving date. However, two months to your scheduled date would be a good to start making the necessary arrangements. At this stage, our moving house checklist advises that you:

  • Check with your mover to confirm their availability on the chosen date, payments, old and new addresses.
  • Inform others such as your friends or relatives. Inform your childrens’ school and make the necessary arrangements required.
  • Come up with a list of what you will or won’t need for your new home. You can start selling or gifting stuff that you do not need or those that will be a bother or cumbersome. Run down your supplies of perishable food stuff.

One Month

If you are renting your current apartment, notify your landlord or agent and clear out any withstanding issues. Start packing all relevant documents such as school or medical records.

One To Two Weeks

Start notifying necessary bodies such as your bank or solicitor the pending change of address. If you have anything that will not be going with you, this is the perfect time to do away with it. You can also start talking to pet moving companies about your pets if you have any.

On Your Last Week

Redirect all your mails to your new address and remember to notify the tax department. If you have not finalised yet with your utility accounts or have not cancelled your subscriptions, this is the right time to do so.

One To Two Days

Empty all your trash cans, cancel domestic services, ensure that your new home has electricity, gas and water functioning and defrost your freezer.

When Moving….

Have all important documents with you and double check before leaving that there is nothing left behind. Lock doors and windows of your old home and surrender them at the relevant offices or carry them with you.

After creating and adhering to your moving house checklist, at Metro Transport, we always advise our clients to be on location when delivery is being done at your new home or office.