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Moving House Canberra and Storage

Metro Transport is here to help you with your moving house Canberra needs so relax, take a deep breath, give us a call and wait for our quote. We offer unique removal and storage services to ensure that we handle all your needs promptly and professionally.

We understand how tricky it can be to sort for storage because of various reasons and that’s when our affordable and safe storage services come in handy. Metro Transport will help store your goods in our safe facilities until you are through with downsizing or your new house is ready. Our storage solutions are customised depending on your possessions, with a 24 hour security system to ensure the highest level of safety for your goods.

Flexible Payments

Unlike other moving home Canberra companies, Metro Transport offers flexible payments for storage services. We charge on a per week basis rather than a per month basis, making it easier for our clients to find packages that suit them. We believe that our customers should only pay for services they need and receive. Hence flexible payments are the ideal way to go. This way, you will be left with more cash and time on your schedule to complete your home relocation Canberra.

 Complementary Services

With our flexible payment schedules on storage, we add complementary services to you. We offer affordable moving boxes for clients that need them. We also offer customised cleaning services for moving house Canberra, at an incredible competitive rate too! If you need a moving company in Canberra that will do more than shift you and your family, trust us with your job. Our experts will not only help move your items but store them for as short or long as you need.

You can store all kind house items on our safe storage facilities. From computers to antiques, mattresses, electronics, home furnishings, furs and pianos; we got you covered.