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Moving Tools

Moving house Adelaide includes some hard and heavy lifting. Metro Transport in Adelaide has greatly invested in moving tools to give customers a safe and smooth experience. The right moving tools help with saving on time, effort and money and most importantly, from injuries which can be a common experience with home removalists.

Beyond Expectations

Must of the packing tools used by Metro Transport moving home Adelaide can also be used by DIYers. They include basic tools such as packing tapes and quality boxes. But if you don’t want to risk wasting time, energy, or getting an injury, consider using our professional services. We understand the region like no other company does and we are a brand you can rely on for your local move. We use the same basic tools only that we add a few others as and when necessary. This includes:

  • Hand trucks – this helps save a great deal of time when moving you. Hand trucks are used in carrying multiple boxes simultaneously with a lot of ease.
  • Dollies – we do not like leaving anything to chance, not even with your large and bulky house items. Dollies help us handle with ease your kitchen items or other bulky items.
  • Lifting straps – there are those instances our clients live in apartments with narrow stair cases or inaccessible apartments. Lifting straps help with moving heavy furniture easily and conveniently.

Professional and Affordable

Our home relocation Adelaide services are affordable and reliable. There are no hidden fees and our rates are very competitive. With our space calculator tool, we can be able to pre-determine space-related requirements for all the items you have in your home. This helps us give you an accurate estimate on your quote, avoiding any moving house Adelaide surprises.

Moving, just like most things in life, comes down to doing it right the first time.  For an easy and efficient service, and a risk-free service, you can trust Metro Transport for your moving experience.