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Whether you’re moving to a new city or shifting to a new apartment a few blocks away, moving can be quite a daunting task. For an easy moving experience, you definitely will need moving boxes and not just any type of boxes but sturdy ones. At Metro Transport, we provide you with just the right kind of boxes for your moving. Every individual has different needs for boxes depending on factors such as distance to be covered and the nature of house items to be moved. We deliver boxes tailored to our customer’s needs.

Adequate Protection on Items

If this is your first time moving, you may not know what type of packing materials you need to adequately protect your belongings. We have the solution for you, and we will offer you packing boxes that adequately protect all your items during transit, regardless of the quantity. So whether you are gearing up for an international, interstate or local move, we are ready and willing to provide you with quality moving boxes and packing material.

Packing, Storage and Removals

When you contact us with your packing and storage boxes order, you can be rest assured that we will deliver what you need and when you need it. Our main line of business is relocation services, and we boast of a fleet of relocation vehicles which will take care of your belongings when in transit through to delivery. For over thirty years, we have helped thousands of Australians with their relocation needs. We also offer storage solutions for clients that will require storage services when their goods are in transit.

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Safe and Reliable

Our moving boxes and storage services are secure as they offer complete protection on all belongings. We have market leading insurance policies, and our terms of services are very friendly to clients and competitive.  Trust us with your moving and we assure you we will provide you with satisfying, comprehensive moving services at very competitive rates. With Metro Transport, your moving experience can never go wrong.

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